Summer 2021 is looking HOT! We are excited to have these talented makers join the Foodboro community. Read all about our newest members below! Interested in joining the fun? Learn all about the perks of a Foodboro membership here.


SAUCY LIPS SAUCES (@SaucyLipsFoods) | Twitter

After moving to the United States a decade ago, founders Jess & Natalia started selling sauces inspired by their mother at local farmers’ markets with a goal of sharing her delicious creations and bring families back to the table with good food. Today, Mamma Gabriela continues to develop new recipes that cater to a variety of diets. The Saucy Lip lineup includes a variety of sauces including Zesty Cilantro, Pineapple Thai, Ghost Pepper Tamarind (all of which are keto friendly!).

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Founder Ganesh Nair married his education in health sciences, his work in diabetes care and his family’s history in the cashew business to develop Karma Nuts. The company’s signature Wrapped cashews were introduced in 2014, and today are loved by many. With flavors like Cinnamon, Cocoa, Sweet Matcha and Peri Peri, how can you not? Karma also recently introduced a line of roasted cashews, all of which are vegan, non GMO and kosher.

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Candid launches NOONS whole-plant chocolate snacks | 2020-05-05 | Candy Industry

We have swooned over Candid’s sophisticated and elegant packaging since their launch, and are now thrilled to welcome them as a Foodboro member! Flavors of their flagship product, Noons, include: Mango & Cinnamon, Banana & Nibs, Pineapple & Coconut and Golden Berry & Turmeric Mango. The brand is committed to sustainability, with its products being made using the whole cocoa pod (bean, pulp and all). They also work with farmers who support regenerative agroforestry. Bonus: the box is recyclable, and inner pouch is compostable! Learn more about their efforts here.

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Modern Inventory Management for Fast Growing Brands and Manufacturers | Fiddle

Inventory ops for CPG brands & manufacturers that allows you to track, collaborate and scale. Easily manage inventory, sales, sourcing, and manufacturing. You’ll finally have the full visibility into your inventory and operations that you’ve been waiting for!

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