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Everyone loves coffee for the added mental boost and energy kick it delivers, but not everyone loves the jitters or the crash down that often accompanies it. That’s where TeaSquares found its purpose—to create snack bites that deliver mental energy and clarity using natural and functional ingredients without all the side effects. These snack bars are infused with tea and come in three different flavors, blueberry acai, citrus matcha and vanilla. While they work for an on-the-go snack, they are perfect for toppings in breakfast bowls as well. Each box of focus bites is $19.99 and are available online as well as through a subscription service.

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There’s been an uptick in farm boxes since Covid-19 made grocery shopping a little difficult but it’s not just produce that you can get via a subscription or boxed service. Happy Valley Meats provides both at-home cooks and in-restaurant chefs cuts of meats from local small-scale farmers delivered directly to their door within days, not weeks. Additionally, Happy Valley works with small-scale processors to portion the meat and sell every single part of the animal to people who want it. And as a certified B Corp, Happy Valley makes sure their farmer partners are paid a significant and fixed premium for humanely-raised animals. All meats from burger patties to steaks and sausages are available to buy online.

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Go ahead kids, play with your food. That’s what Noshi For Kids encourages with their flavors of “food paint.” These three edible colors are made from organic fruit puree (with no added sugar, salt or preservatives) and make decorating meals fun to do and tasty to eat. An actual godsend for parents. Food Paint is sold in a box of three tubes, much like a paint set from the art store with flavors/paints of different brightly-colored fruit puree: red strawberry, yellow peach and purple-ish blue blueberry. The box is $5.99 and is available online via Noshi’s site as well as Wal-mart.

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With wellness at the top of mind these days, Beekeeper’s Naturals is tapping into clean and wholesome health remedies by utilizing the power of bees and their honey. From a super food honey to one that’s infused with hemp to a throat spray, cough syrup, immunity support, and raw bee pollen, Beekeeper’s Naturals wants to reinvent the at-home medicine cabinet to be more natural as well as sustainable. All of the products can be bought online with free shipping for orders over $60.

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