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Seeking to add some “oomph” and nutrition to your meals is easy with Oomph Cooking Blends, dehydrated organic herbs and vegetables that can be added to everyday dishes from scrambled eggs to soups, meatballs, stir-fry and casseroles. The 8 blends are all made without salt, preservatives, chemicals, pesticides and GMOs. As one of Portland’s emerging food and beverage makers, Oomph Cooking Blends can be bought online through their website and usually at farmers’ markets, although they’ve pivoted to pickup during Covid-19.

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Mr. Bing Chili Crisp is inspired by a “Godmother Sauce” from Beijing that’s used to fill in crepes. Made in NYC, it has no MSG or preservatives, sounds like it would be super spicy but it’s just a medium heat, is gluten-free and vegan, and acts like a hot sauce that you can drizzle on eggs, pasta, pizza, rice, chicken, burgers, noodles and whatever you think needs a little kick. The full list of ingredients include garlic, onions, chilies, soy nuts, mushroom powder, spices, non-GMO canola oil, turbinado sugar, salt You can now buy 7 oz. jars for $11.99 directly from the Mr. Bing site.

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Renewal Mill was founded out of its owners desire to create more sustainable food waste solutions. They found out that the byproducts of plant-based milk production—usually pulps, like soybean pulp, oat pulp, and almond pulp—can be dried and milled into a small powder that’s perfect for use as baking and cooking flour. And that’s exactly what they sell from Okara flour (made from soybeans) to brownie making kits, all of which can be bought online.

Watch Renewal Mill’s Instagram takeover here!

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What started out as a quest to please a toddler’s sweet tooth, has grown into a fully baked, baked goods business, using only the finest ingredients to make the sweetest treats. Chef Iesha, The Salty Heifer’s founder/maker, combines her Michelin Star training with good old-fashioned love and expert team to churn out cakes, cookies, bars, pies and tarts. All of the goods can be purchased online here. 

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