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Who: Munchy Pops
What: Popped Water Lily Seeds, otherwise known as Makhana
Where: Chicago, IL
Connect: Instagram  or email [email protected]

Munchy Pops is a superfood snack brand serving up popped water lily seeds to the American health food market. Fox nut, which is known in India as Makhana, has been consumed for thousands of years and is well-known in the Ayurveda holistic healing system for its medicinal qualities. It’s a natural food, made from water lily seeds that grow underwater, and it’s packed with plant-based protein that’s tasty and beneficial for the body. Here’s a bit on how Munchy Pops transforms the seeds into edible snacks:

As the name suggests, the Water Lily inhabits ponds, growing its seeds underwater. These are then collected, dried, and popped under high heat and pressure to reveal the edible part of the seed, which looks like a creamy puffball. Munchy Pops sources only sustainably grown and responsibly harvested seeds, putting them through a carefully crafted process that produces their signature crunchy texture. Our company uses all-natural ingredients to add spice to the Pops, uniting classic American flavors with the traditional Indian fox nut.

Munchy Pops are available in five different flavors—Sizzling Peri-Peri, White Cheddar Cheese, Salt & Pepper, Sweet & Salty, and Smoky Barbecue. Can’t choose which flavor? You can order a variety pack and sample them all.

You can buy Munchy Pops online, or at select retail stores.

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