Saucy Lips Foods, a line of hot sauces co-founded by brother-sister duo Jess and Natalia Dalton, and inspired by their mom’s own sauces, has bravely been taking on another sales channel in the past year—live digital shopping.

Aside from appearing on QVC and HSN, Saucy Lips have also delved into social media streaming on Talkshoplive. But it was their experience on QVC and HSN that has prepped them for sales success in this brave new digital grocery world. Read on to see what they’ve learned!

How did you get on QVC? Was it a long process or relatively simple?
Getting on QVC was a total surprise for us. In our early stages, we sent our sauces to the category buyer for feedback. We were not expecting much since we were so new, but, to our surprise, the buyer loved them and wanted them on air ASAP. A few months later, we were on air! The process was relatively simple because the QVC team helped us out the whole way and made sure everything ran smoothly.

What was the experience like?

The experience was incredible. Going on live TV for the first time was definitely nerve-racking, however, they have a really great class for new guests. Also, when you are on Air the hosts are professionals at making you feel comfortable and helping you sell! I went on twice and can definitely recommend to anyone who has the opportunity.

You sold out pretty quickly after being on air? Did you expect that? And how did you handle that from a supply standpoint?
The first time we went on air, we sold out and sold an extra 25% on waitlist, which surpassed all expectations. We were not expecting to sell out since usually condiments are harder to sell on air, but I believe people really connected with our story and wanted to give our products a try! From a supply standpoint, QVC requires that you have the initial order ready to ship by your live airing, so all we had to worry about was the waitlist. Thankfully, they give you enough time to send out waitlist orders.

Any advice for fellow makers about going on these types of shows?
If you are able to manufacture enough product for the live show and ship out thousands of orders in the span of 2 days, do it!! It opened so many doors for us on top of getting a good amount of sales from the show. Also, don’t be afraid of going on air even if you have no TV experience. The team at QVC is so good at what they do that anyone can be TV ready with their help; I’m the perfect example of this!

Do you think these types of live shopping experiences will become more popular?
I believe QVC has been popular for a while with 35+ year olds, however, new and exciting apps like TalkShopLive are combining the experience with social media and making it more exciting for younger generations as well as making it easier for brands to showcase their products!

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