Each week, we’ll be posting the content that caught our team’s eye on the internet. Staying current is one of the most fun parts of our job, and we love to share the industry news that made it to our Slack channel or water cooler. Here’s a rundown:

Fast Food Scandals, from Reader’s Digest
Even on your worst day as a small food brand, you haven’t had a PR nightmare like the ones on this Reader’s Digest list. Read for some perspective when you can’t seem to do anything right.

Whole Foods Workers Seek to Unionize, from Wall Street Journal
The coverage of Whole Foods has been endless since the Amazon takeover, but this particular story is especially interesting for the human element. When your employer becomes owned by one of the largest companies on Earth, is there anything you can do to fight for your rights? These workers think so.

Ditch the Almond Milk: Why Everything You Know About Sustainable Eating is Probably Wrong
First of all, clickbait-y much? But consider us baited. One takeaway from this article on popular foods that masquerade as sustainable is the power of branding. We might consumer certain ingredients or food categories for years without looking too deeply into just how closely aligned they are with the values that we subscribe to, all because the story around them seems trustworthy.

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