Each week, we’ll be posting the content that caught our team’s eye on the internet. Staying current is one of the most fun parts of our job, and we love to share the industry news that made it to our Slack channel or water cooler. Here’s a rundown:

Frozen Dinners Make a Comeback, from Wall Street Journal
We admit that we totally slept on this resurgence of frozen foods that are newer, and hipper, than ever. Gone are your mother’s, and your grandmother’s, Lean Cuisine. Frozen foods are back, and they have more wholesome ingredients and more Instagram-friendly branding. Got a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

How Hurricane Florence Could Spike Food Freight Costs, from Food Dive
100% of the news this week was about the hurricane, but viewing a natural disaster through the lens of food is a unique take. In a category with already hyper-tight margins, big food companies are suffering from logistics challenges in the face of the weather in the Carolinas.

I Don’t Like This Store and It Will Be Very Successful, from Forbes
Besides having the best headline ever, this article was one of our most-talked about this week. It’s not every day that a new retail concept comes around, or that a brand can grab so much attention while relying mostly on word of mouth advertising. Love it or hate it, this is something to talk about.

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