As 2019 comes to an end, we are reflecting on the year that was and feeling inspired on what comes next. Here’s a look at the top trends that defined food and beverage in 2019 and are sure to continue into the new year and beyond.

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Oat milk on the rise 

First it was soy, then almond. In 2019 oat milk was the darling of the alt-dairy category. Makers introduced innovative products from oat-based coffee beverages to ice creams and even yogurts.

Brands to watch:

  • Oatly
  • MALK Organics
  • Chobani

Popped and puffed snacks proliferate 

From chickpea and quinoa to cauliflower and sweet potato — and keying in on trends like plant-bases, vegan, grain free and keto — puffed snacks proliferated the snack aisle.

Image result for puffed snacks atlas provisions

Brands to watch:

  • Atlas Provisions
  • Spudsy Foods
  • Biena Snacks

Keto craze continues

2019 saw consumers reaching for high fat, low carb alternatives to their favorite foods, and brands served up products to cater to this popular diet.

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Brands to watch:

  • Moon Cheese
  • Magic Spoon Cereal
  • Dang Foods

Alt-meats all the rage

An increasing number of consumers are giving up meats, whether for dietary or environmental reasons. The faux-meats of yore have been re-engineered, are state of the art, and have been positioned to appeal to today’s consumer.

Image result for nuggs

Brands to watch:

  • Beyond Meat
  • Impossible Foods
  • Nuggs

Consumers go against the grain

While not a new trend, it is one that continues to see steady growth. Companies new and old are offering products made with alternative flours like coconut, cassava and almond.

Image result for siete grain free

Brands to watch:

  • Lesser Evil Snacks
  • Siete Family Foods
  • Caulipower Foods

CBD catches on

Consumers are curious about cannabis, and brands are quick to innovate with hemp-infused products.

Image result for drink lumen

Brands to watch:

  • Lumen
  • A Boring Life
  • Recess

Sustainability the new standard

From upcycled ingredients to eco-conscious packaging, brands are opting for sustainable sourcing practices in an effort to minimize their environmental impact. A trend that will only continue to grow in the coming years.

Image result for culina yogurt

Brands to watch:

  • No Evil Foods
  • Culina Yogurt
  • Haven’s Kitchen

Sweets sans sugar

Tying into the popularity of consumer diet preferences like low carb and keto, brands are offering up sweet snacks, without the added sugars.

Image result for lily's sweets

Brands to watch:

  • Smart Sweets
  • Lily’s Sweets
  • Eating Evolved

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