Pop Up Grocer, our favorite traveling pop-up grocery store, is open NOW in Williamsburg, Brooklyn through November 1. The shop features a selection of food, beverage, home, pet and healthcare products from a number of the most innovative brands. Of those featured, we’re thrilled to see a few Foodboro Founder members on shelves.

Learn about each brand and maker behind it below, and see how you can visit PUG to pick up some product for yourself!

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Berry Bissap

Bissap is a traditional spiced hibiscus tea that is popular across West Africa. Berry Bissap is bringing the drink stateside, while preserving the traditional recipe. Tngredients are all natural, plant based, caffeine free, ethically sourced and free from chemicals and artificial coloring. Enjoy one of their four unique flavors chilled for a refreshing sip!

Lil Bucks

Emily Griffith is on a mission to get people to eat more buckwheat! A grain popular in Australia, buckwheat is naturally gluten free, high in fiber and antioxidants, and adds the perfect crunch to any meal or snack. Try Lil Bucks’ original line of sprouted buckwheat (and new cinnamon flavor!) or their snackable and immune-boosting Clusterbucks. 

Start your morning with THIS perfect turmeric smoothie bowl featuring Lil Bucks!

Noshi Food Paint

Fun + meal time = success, that’s Noshi’s motto. The common struggle of getting kids to eat their fruits led to this innovative idea: Food Paint! Noshi For Kids’ products are made with all natural ingredients, no added sugars, and pair perfectly with any meal. 

Earlier this year, Tomo took over our Instagram to show us how to use Noshi’s food paint. Check it out here!


Andrew Suzuka is bring a healthful and flavorful twist to a tired category… tomato sauce! Each jar is packed with vegetables, vitamins, antioxidants and with no added sugars or preservatives. Otamot’s sauces are available in a range of flavors, from mild to spicy; the Essential Sauce is a must-try!

Learn more about Andrew and Otamot Foods in our IG Live.

Pan’s Mushroom Jerky

After a trip to visit family in Malaysia, founder Michael Pan learned that many of his family members follow a vegetarian diet, and found that mushrooms are a great alternative to meat. Michael came home with this idea, and in 2018 launched Pan’s Mushroom Jerky. Today, his product is made in Portland, Oregon and available in four savory flavors.

In NYC? Here’s how you can visit Pop Up Grocer:

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