Whether you’re up and working on marketing projects before sunrise, squeezing in a workout, or you choose to wake without an alarm, here are 5 ways to maximize your mornings and go into the day with your best foot forward.

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Set your intentions for the next day the night before

Before tucking in for the night, take a minute to jot down what you hope to accomplish the following day. Review your notes first thing upon waking up.

Review your list and prioritize, daily.

Read it out loud. Are these tasks still true?

Do the hardest thing on your to-do list first

There’s nothing better than checking things off your to-do list. Start with the most difficult task.

Take time out of your day to think and be creative

Read, write, draw, dance, listen to music, whatever it may be! Spending time first thing in the morning doing something you love opens up the mind and gives you a sense of clarity.

Be consistent

By being consistent in your morning routine you eliminate decision fatigue, leaving you with more energy for the things that matter.

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