A sustainable supply chain is about more than the ingredients a brand sources, it’s also about the environmental impact its packaging has. Many brands are basing their packaging choices on the environmental implications that accompany those choices, and these seven brands stand out as makers who are leading the shift away from single-use packaging and toward using compostable, recyclable and reusable materials.

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No Evil Foods

No Evil Foods sells a variety of small-batch, plant-based meat alternatives using sustainable ingredients. The brand’s innovative packaging uses fully compostable materials printed with plant-based ink.

Good Culture

Good Culture is disrupting the dairy category with its portfolio of cultured products, made using milk from ethically-raised, grass-fed cows. With an easy-to-remove outer label made of paper, Good Culture’s packaging is 100% recyclable. Bonus: the 16oz. tubs can be reused!


This startup is aiming to make fruit and vegetables more accessible with its just-add-water mixes of freeze-dried fruit/vegetable powders. Kencko has phased out conventional single-use plastics in favor of fully compostable packets (made from plants) in an effort to minimize its footprint.

Haven’s Kitchen


Haven’s Kitchen, a NYC-based kitchen and event space that sells a line of refrigerated condiments and sauces, partners with TerraCycle to create a free recycling program for their pouches. Simply request an envelope, complete an order form and mail in the emptied pouch.


Culina’s plant-based, dairy-free yogurts are made using organic ingredients like coconut cream and maple syrup. Each of its flavors come in reusable cups that can be re-purposed as pots to grow flowers and other plants. Genius!

Loving Earth

Loving Earth’s line of dairy-free, vegan chocolate bars are packaged with a compostable film derived from wood pulp and non-GMO corn. Additionally, all of this Aussie-based brand’s packaging uses non-toxic vegetable-based printing ink to prevent contamination of water supplies and compost piles.

Alter Eco

A pioneer in sustainability, Alter Eco’s packaging voices the brand’s commitment to bettering the environment. In addition to using recyclable plastic for the outer boxes of its chocolate bars, this socially-conscious brand has also launched Gone4Good — the first compostable stand-up pouch made from renewable, non-GMO, plant-based materials. Bonus: the wrappers used for their chocolate truffles are fully compostable.

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