Between production, marketing, managing staff and putting out fires, food entrepreneurs rarely have time to research business tools. That’s why we built the Foodboro Toolkit. Our members-only portal contains a curated list of some of the best tools and services for makers, all offered at deep discounts. All of our partner tools are designed to help your business succeed.

And we’re especially excited about our latest partnership, launching today! We’re teaming up with Stripe for a deal that could change the game for your business. Starting today, Foodboro Toolkit members can get the Stripe processing fees on their first (or next) $20,000 fully waived. Whether you’re an existing or new Stripe customer, get ready to save!

There’s even more to this partnership. Stripe is a payment processor, but it’s also a multi-part solution for brands selling online. The Stripe Atlas program, a full-service business establishment tool, will create and file the paperwork for you to register your business. No more agonizing over paperwork and confusing forms. Stripe does the hard work for you, so you can focus on what matters. And Foodboro Toolkit members get 50% off Stripe Atlas!

(Of course, there’s a bit of fine print: Processing discounts are not applicable for Custom or Express connected accounts, or for companies using Stripe via Shopify Payments. This discount applies to Stripe users who have yet to receive free processing credits, and there is a 12-month expiration date.)

Besides these exclusive Stripe deals, you’ll have access to even more discounts with partners like Squarespace, TriNet, FreshBooks, Galley, Tilit, and more! You’ll also get exclusive members-only content, resources, and our members-only Slack channel. Don’t wait!

Sign up for the Foodboro Toolkit today, and get started on big savings!