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My name is Carlos Torrebiarte and I grew up at a coffee farm on the beautiful volcanoes of Atitlan, Guatemala. My family still runs and lives at the farm. I moved to the US to study and work, but I always had the passion to start the company that will share our wonderful products directly to the consumer rather than sell it to intermediaries. I started Biarte to achieve this goal.


Austin, Texas

Years in business

0-5 Years


I can offer what I have learned from my personal experience. Can be starting the company, importing products, and other related topics.


Meet people and business who have gone though the experience and learn from them. Interested in looking for advise that will help my company grow, sales, processes, networking, financing, etc.

About Brand

Biarte is your connection to the tropics. We source the best quality, most delicious, and sustainably produced specialty foods from the tropics directly from the source. We buy directly from the farmers or the country of origin and do not go through intermediaries.

Launched in


About Products

We source our products directly from the producer and the country of origin. Our products are top quality and we will add more to our repertoire.