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I'm mother to 4 adult sons and I work side by side with my husband of 27 years to grow the brand I created 11 years ago. I'm driven every day to be better than yesterday and my mission is to give a voice to the autism community. I strive for BeeFree to become the premier training and employment place for people with autism and to inspire others to take a chance on those with special abilities. I love being outdoors - running, hiking, cycling and putting my body to extreme challenges. My favorite place is in the kitchen, creating food and enjoying it with my family. Our family pup is Heidi who adds so much joy and energy to


Noblesville, IN

Years in business

10-15 Years


building a brand, building an authentic following, building relationships to help support each other, working with national retailers


building relationships with other entrepreneurs, co manufacturers, how to grow our tribe through marketing(social media, email), using internsoptimally, productivite hacks

About Brand

Shortly after my son was diagnosed with autism back in 2008, we were looking for things that would help support him - a clean diet is where we landed. This experience laid the groundwork for BeeFree -where we create delicious, clean label, gluten free foods to help people make better choices. Plus, our mission is to create jobs for people with autism -this underserved community experiences 80% unemployment - we're out to change that.

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About Products

We create Warrior Mix with real, plant based ingredients, nothing artificial, ever. Our snack is made in clusters so it's the perfect on the go snack. We are mission driven to provide jobs for people with autism to help lessen the 80% unemployment rate.