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Kate Weiler is the co-founder and CEO of Drink Simple. She is an Ironman triathlete and passionate advocate for nutrition and holistic wellness. She earned her Master’s degree in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University, her Bachelor’s degree from Colby College and holds a certification in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Kate is the co-author with Tara Mardigan, the former Red Sox Nutritionist, of sports nutrition book Real Fit Kitchen. Kate has completed countless marathons and triathlons, including twelve full-distance Ironman races, and is a qualifier and finisher of the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. She is on a mission to help people feel their best and thrive naturally.


Sudbury MA

Years in business

5-10 Years


8 years in the industry and learned a lot. I can offer experience and would love to do collaborations


References, shared promotion, trusted community to bounce questions off of.

About Brand

Drink Simple harnesses the power of trees to bottle delicious and nutritious maple water. This is the water from the tree (not the syrup) and naturally full of over 46 phytonutrients, no added sugar and extremely sustainable. In a world where there are so many products with weird ingredients, we are proud to tap refreshment directly from nature to empower a healthy mind, body & soul.

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About Products

Maple water is created by a tree, not a beverage chemistry label. We are proud that the functional ingredients and flavor comes directly from trees. The business of maple water is also extremely sustainable as it is preserving North American Forests. Forests provide clean air, help mitigate climate change and provide habitats for thousands of plants and animals.