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Lisa Li worked in fashion for 10+ years doing marketing, then design, and was very burnt out. Wanting to go back to a time and place where nourishing oneself's wellbeing was simple and beautiful Lisa went on a transformational trip to Shangri-la, Yunnan where she discovered the Shangri-la Rose that the locals enjoy as a flower tea and delicacy in pasty. The sensory experience was so unique and magical she made it her mission to empower others to feel more joy, beauty, and nourishment on a daily basis through a cup of flower tea ritual.  She had been a serious tea drinker her whole life from being born and raised in the NorthEast of Beijing. She had tea with her grandma daily as a child while her single mother worked full time as an assistant at a dentist's office.



Years in business

0-5 Years


Free flower teas, collaborations, PR



About Brand

The Qi is a wellness brand on a mission to empower you to feel more joy, beauty, and inner calm on the daily basis through the power of healing whole flower teas.

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About Products

We're the first and only brand to specialize in organically grown whole flowers teas