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We, The Co-Rockers, like to call ourselves “Seniorpreneurs,” starting a business at 50 plus in the food industry just when we should be sitting it out on our rockers! When we first came up with the moniker, “Off Our Rocker” we chose a name that embraced our zaniness and our creativity. Picture Lucy and Ethel at the helm, lacking professional baking and packaging skills but armed with humor, tenacity and serious taste buds. Our combined experiences as mothers and our professional backgrounds, has provided a backdrop to this new chapter. How many times have we told our children that they could “be what and who they wanted to be” and how often have we invoked the “follow your passion” line. What better example than to do it ourselves. Entrepreneurship isn’t just for the young, but the young at heart. We want Off Our Rocker Cookies to signify more than just a baked goods company-to show women in their 50’s and up that reinvention is possible, attainable and rewarding. We are most proud of starting a business at 50 plus, for having the courage to reinvent ourselves and to persevere in the food industry. Above all we have made incredible connections with likeminded women and men who are eager to help one another and have found this to be empowering, energizing and fulfilling.


Boston, MA

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0-5 Years


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About Brand

Herbivores and Carnivores can't resist the Sweet Potato Cookie Sensation and our Hippie Cratic Oats Granola! Off Our Rocker Eats are plant based, vegan, gluten free friendly, enjoyed for breakfast, pre or post workout or any time of day healthy snack. Powered by women & "Seniorpreneurs" over 55 who seek to inspire others to create, believe and make the leap off your rocker!

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About Products

Unique, delicious plant based cookies and granola made with simple ingredients and enjoyed by ALL!