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Pear is the retail ecommerce platform for omnichannel brands. We connect CPGs to retailers, converting shoppable tools into actionable insights that fuel performance marketing.

Pear's suite of tools includes: shoppable store locators, landing pages, direct to cart links, shoppable PDPs, and Pear Connect (learn more at pearcommerce.com/shoppability).

Proprietary inventory scanning unlocks accurate and seamless paths to purchase at 3,000+ retailers across 165,000+ locatos - down to the local level.

Gain real-time data insights across the entire retail commerce sales funnel - including transactions - and unlock the ability to run ecommerce performance marketing at retail.

Pear partners with a wide range of CPG brands including Belgian Boys, 818 Tequila, TruRoots, Liquid Death, Perdue Farms, Sartori Cheese, and more. We’re excited to learn about your brand and discuss how Pear can support your retail ecommerce goals!


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We’re happy to discuss/share resources related to the retail ecommerce channel, chat about how Pear’s suite of tools can strategically help your brand, talk through performance marketing strategies using retail ecomm, and more. Reach out for case studies, ebooks, blogs, or to get in touch with our team.


We’re interested in and excited to connect with both emerging and established CPG brands looking to launch or scale their retail ecommerce strategy. We’d appreciate any intros and opportunities to chat!

About Brand

Pear is the retail ecommerce platform that connects CPGs to retailers, converting shoppable tools into actionable insights that fuel performance marketing.

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About Products

A successful retail ecommerce strategy requires shoppability, shopper insights, and closed-loop data to inform performance marketing decisions. Pear's proprietary inventory scanning at over 3,000 retailers provides the best shoppability and out-of-stock detection available, dynamically displaying retailers based on geolocation and real-time inventory counts. Pear is also the only retail ecommerce solution with transaction-level, full-funnel, attributable sales data from retail. CPGs can finally know which clicks resulted in an action - and where their consumers are most likely to be engaging - across traffic source, geography, UPC, retailer, and more. With pixel-firing at every step of the funnel, brands have the ability to create custom audiences for retargeting, build lookalikes, and optimize with direct-to-consumer level performance marketing tactics. Brands enabling the full Pear suite unlock the capabilities to confidently run marketing campaigns to retail, driving both awareness and purchases through the retail ecommerce channel.