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Former Angel Investor turned Founder. I love connecting with people and making tasty food that they brag about to their friends.


Brooklyn, NY

Years in business

0-5 Years


Happy to make an intro to a group of Angel investors


Founders get-togethers
We make pre-baked/frozen single serve pot pies that you can reheat in 5 minutes and taste like you just baked one!

About Brand

We are a frozen food company that plans to change the way people perceive frozen food. We hope to do this with one thoughtful product at a time. Our first product is a reinvented pot pie that is made to perfection so that you end up with a flaky crust, big chunks of chicken, and fresh vegetables. We've only been doing it for 30 years so we've had some time to perfect it.

Launched in


About Products

You can reheat them in 5 minutes with the quality like they've been baking in your kitchen all day. GF Fillings. Low calorie count.