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Tashelle is a food allergy mom/advocate, foodie, health/life coach and entrepreneur. While using her Jamaican Indian heritage as a basis, Irie (Positive)/ Veda (Knowledge) was born. She founded IrieVeda Spice Blends to fulfill a need for allergen free, FODMAP safe and sustainably sourced spices that are safe for everyone.


West Chester, PA

Years in business

0-5 Years


I would be happy to offer assistance in creating growth in the industry.


I am looking to network and collaborate with like minded foodpreneurs

About Brand

IrieVeda creates a safe space for everyone to exist at the table. We believe sharing a home cooked meal that is nourishing to everyone's wellbeing, has the endless potential to comfort and connect without boundaries. The secret to a great life is finding the right balance to everything you do and we are here to help you experience "yoga in the kitchen".We know that everyone is unique with different lifestyles, tastes and preferences and that is why we love being diverse. We are willing to change and provide alternatives so you can enjoy good food without regrets or restrictions.You can always count on us to provide spice blends that are top 12 allergen friendly, gluten free, FODMAP safe (onion/garlic free), salt free, sugar free and organic. All spices are mindfully crafted in our dedicated top 12 allergen free facility in West Chester, PA.

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About Products

-We provide fresh artisanal small batch spice blends that support your health and well being.

-We provide you with the highest quality organic/all natural and fair trade ingredients, from their authentic source of origin.

-We maintain our ingredient transparency by practicing clean labeling. Our ingredient label is always proudly displayed on the front of our spice blends and we never include ingredients that are not listed.

-We will maintain our top 12 allergen free facility located in West Chester, PA and always require our distributors to maintain the same standards in their sourcing practices and facilities. -We provide eco-friendly packaging options that are sustainable for our environment and safe for your health.