Like a stroll down Rodeo Drive is to fashion, a trip to the MoMA is to art, a visit to Pop Up Grocer is to food and beverage. Stocked with innovative products that sport disruptive package design, Pop Up Grocer is a wonderland for the creative, inspired and hungry soul. 

In addition to meeting a set of nutritional criteria, in order for a brand to get on PUG’s shelves, they must stand out with a unique product and package. This is the case with many future-forward convenience shops, like NYC’s The Goods Mart (you can learn more about how founder Rachel Krupa curates products in our exclusive interview).

So, curious to see what’s hot in food and beverage package design? Read on to see a few brands that caught our eye with their unique packaging.

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Acid League

Allawake Coffee

AVEC Drinks

Berry Bissap


Daring Foods

Earth & Star

Jot Coffee



Peekaboo Ice Cream


Sacred Serve 

United Sodas of America

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