Whimsical, playful and simply fun packaging is a hot trend in food & beverage. As observed by Rival Brands, this design trend helps emerging brands stand out on shelves with a distinct personality, peppy flavor names, eye-catching typography and bold colors.

Looking to get consumer attention? Consider playing up your product with creative flavor names, fun fonts and visuals with lots of personality. Below are a few brands using this tactic to inspire your own packaging designs.

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Smashmallow uses pastel colors and curious visuals that play off the flavor and distinct square shape of the products.

Chobani Gimmies

Chobani’s line of kid-focused yogurts uses a fun name (gimmies) and childish flavors like Poppin’ Cotton Candy, Best Birthday Ever and Ooey Gooey S’mores.

Goodie Girl Cookies

A black and white logo balances the bright and bold colors uses across Goodie Girl’s range of products. Fun flavor names and drool-worthy product shots help these cookies pop.


Visually distinct textures and patterns, and bold colors and type, make Peckish pop in the refrigerated set.

Fat Snax

A recent rebrand helps Fat Snax stand out with playful font and fun tagline, “Fat Yeah!”

Little Red Dot Kitchen

Little Red Dot’s line of Singapore-style meats uses bright colors and hand-drawn characters to display its range of flavors.


Upton’s Naturals

Upton’s Naturals stands out with its Victorian-era illustrations and bold, colorful visuals elements.


When ReGrained rebranded in 2019 they wanted their packaging to reflect their active and creative consumer base with fun, bright and witty characters.

This Bar Saves Lives

This Bar’s Kids lines (available both in snack bars and crispy treats) have creative and imaginative flavor names (Dragon’s Dream Cookies & Cream!) and fun visuals and font.

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