This week’s roundup is very multi-media, so if your attention span is short, you can dip your toes in all three. Follow along with the opening of a restaurant with the Opening Soon podcast, get inspiration on ecologically-focused design and production from Nike’s new guide, and read about the canned water company that everyone is loving to hate right now.

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Here’s a rundown:

Listen: Opening Soon: Building a Partnership That Lasts Decades & Spans A Restaurant Empire

This Tilit-sponsored podcast (so yes, it’s somewhat branded content) follows the steps of opening a restaurant. They talk to hospitality veterans and experts, investigating how the sausage gets made. If you’re looking for real and in-depth information on restaurants, this is a great listen.

Study: Nike Circular Design Guide

Nike recently published their Circular Design Guide, a workbook published for other brands to use for their own ecologically-minded design projects. Though the case studies and questions in the guide are generally focused on fashion, there are many takeaways for food brands as well. How can you create, design, and distribute products that work with the planet? If you’re an eco-friendly brand, don’t miss this inspiration.

Read: Liquid Death and the Nonsense of Packaged Water (The New Yorker)

In 2019, is packaging and selling water still a good idea? The founders of new canned water startup Liquid Death think so. The VC-backed company has created a product to appeal to punk and straight-edge water consumers, rather than the “yoga moms” that founder Mike Cessario claims are the audience for other water brands. Helen Rosner of the New Yorker takes an informative look at Liquid Death in context.