Does anyone really need more stuff? No way. This season, give gifts that won’t sit in a drawer forever. Shop small food businesses! Small food businesses are culturally and economically important to local economies. And, more importantly, they produce delicious treats and quality gifts. Give your friends and family unique, handcrafted presents they can eat. We’ve created a handy list of some of our favorite gifts from small food businesses.

Shop our list:

  1. Ploughgate Creamery is making some of the best butter in the country, all from a tiny farm in Vermont. Their butter is cultured for 48 hours before being churned, giving it the tangy flavor that many commercial butters lack. And thanks to Saxelby Cheese, you can now shop it online!
  2. Another small dairy company, Pasture Ghee, is producing delicious ghee (clarified butter) in small batches in Dallas, Texas. Ghee’s higher smoke point makes it perfect for the chef in your life who needs a new cooking fat. It’s also great for bulletproof coffee!
  3. Bridgeport, Connecticut, may not seem like a hot sauce mecca. That’s changing with the advent of Dave’s Angry Sauce. These fermented hot sauces BITE! Everyone has a hot sauce fanatic in their life, and Dave has three different extra-hot flavors, so gift a bottle or two (or three).
  4. The people of Portland, Oregon, have been holding onto a little secret: Nong’s Khao Man Gai Chicken and Rice Sauce. This sauce is a staple of Nong’s Knao Man Gai. Non’s started as a food cart, and has expanded into a restaurant and catering operation in PDX. Nong’s story is amazing, and her sauce is even better.
  5. Two Minnesota beekeepers are changing the way we think about honey, and you can taste the results. Bolton Bees’ “location-specific” honey has a distinct terroir, and is produced sustainably. National Geographic called Bolton “the Tesla of honey.” We’d argue this gift is better than a Tesla!
  6. Any business with the tagline “Molten Chocolate Cakery” is worth gifting, and that’s why we’re including Seattle’s Hot Cakes on the list. Their smoked chocolate chips are perfect for the foodie chocoholic or baker in your life. Plus, they give back 5% to charity with every purchase. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!
  7. Give the gift of wellness with Kombuchade, a Chicago kombucha company created by a performance athlete who was tired of protein drinks. Kombuchade’s delicious, unique flavors are perfect unconventional gifts for the athlete in your life. They even make a starter kit, so you can give the gift of homemade kombucha – forever!

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