Your brand is the story of your business, and social media is a powerful method of sharing that story. With so many platforms and so many ways of conveying information on each of those platforms, it can be difficult to know how to focus your limited time.

Fear not. There’s no single correct way, but there are certain guidelines that can help you craft a social media strategy that supports and enriches your brand. Some of them may seem unrealistic (“I’m supposed to have money to pay a photographer?”), but they can be aspirational as you grow and build your business. We pored through tips & tricks, and here are some excerpts of what we found:

Visuals Matter

This article from PivotSix hits us with some key results of psychology studies, and the results can be summarized as such: people want to see photos. Gone are the days where brands could post a few lines of text on Facebook or a single product shot every few weeks on Instagram. Good brands know that constant visual content gets engagement and familiarizes the audience with the brand.

Build Your Brand Through Customer Service

The Muse uses Chipotle as an example of social media-assisted customer service, and we’d further that argument by reminding you that your customer service experience is a great part of your brand story that can be told through social. A highly personable and friendly customer service voice conveys an approachable and generous brand. A more sarcastic tone can convey an edgier brand, which plays to a different audience. Play around, and find a voice that feels consistent with the rest of the story.


Auburn Advertising is saying it best: Telling different stories on different platforms (by using imagery with different tones or themes, or voices that differ) can confuse and separate your audience. Instead, bring them together through a consistent (though likely evolving) narrative. If your brand is homey and approachable on Twitter, don’t use expensive, modern stock images on your Instagram. If you use a “we” voice on one platform, make sure to use it on all the others.

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