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Who: Burlap and Barrel
What: Spices
Where: Queens, NY
Connect: Instagram

As cooking at home becomes a regular activity (like three times a day regular), people are seeking new ways to liven up their meals. One of the easiest ways to do this is to experiment with spices. But for an elevated spice game used by professional chefs, with a generous heaping of sustainability, look no further than Burlap and Barrel.

These spices are single-origin, sourced directly from partner farms located around the world. Several spices have never been available in the United States before and many of them are grown using traditional techniques. Burlap and Barrel, founded by chef/activist Ethan Frisch and social entrepreneur Ori Zohar, pride themselves on visiting each farm, meeting with the farmers, and learning about the economic, social, and cultural factors behind their methods.

Beyond that, Burlap and Barrel is mindful of its sustainability in other ways, such as sending trucks to the farm to create the shortest supply chain possible, and educating the cooking community at large about how to better use buying power for the greater good. It’s also a Public Benefit Corporation.

Some of the interesting spices to try include: Smoked Pimentón Paprika, Wild Mountain Cumin, and Black Urfa Chili. But it’s probably best to buy a collection of spices such as Chef’s Choice, Fundamentals, and Weeknight Dinner. Still not sure what spice to order? Burlap and Barrel’s website sorts spices by use and flavor profile. And once you’ve got the spices in your home kitchen, Burlap and Barrel keeps the social connection going with a Facebook recipe group and a Spotify cooking playlist. These spices are exactly the spice we need in our lives right now.

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