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Who: Lawhorn’s Corner, Inc.
What: Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings
Where: Florida & Tennessee
Connect: Instagram or email [email protected]

Lawhorn’s Signature Seasonings started off in commissary kitchen of a luxe hotel where a young chef was really bad at firing people but really great at planning large scale meals. This chef’s name was Tim Lawhorn. Most of his staff were getting this kitchen experience as their first job in the United States. He created a “basic blend” that tasted different on whatever they’d been tasked with that day. He’d been tinkering with trying to find just the right recipe for a few months when destiny stepped in.

Legend has it that Lawhorn had to cover private dining one day when his boss called out sick. He ended up making a late lunch for Elizabeth Taylor. She enjoyed the meal so much, she had him come out to the table and told him, “The fish was good today. You can go now.” Her secretary then tipped Chef Lawhorn with a crisp one hundred dollar bill.

He went back to the kitchen, gobsmacked, to write down the blend they’d used that day. It hasn’t changed since then. The second generation of Lawhorns took over the company in 2018, with daily operations covered by Brittney Lawhorn Whidden. She believes that food doesn’t have to look pretty to taste good.

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